FunnyPlaying Game Boy Color 1.0 Q5 XL Backlight Kit

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FunnyPlaying Q5 IPS Backlight mod kit! This is the Q5 1.0 kit, this will not work with the new FunnyPlaying GBC Shells!

Soldering required for brightness and retro pixel control

7 brightness levels

5 optional retro pixel effects


  • Screen display area increased 25% than the original.
  • Built-in 5 display effects.
  • IPS panels are characterized as having the best color and viewing angles.
  • LCD and ribbon power between 0.29W and 0.68W
  • The maximum brightness of the panel is 230 cd /m² (Min.).



  • At room temperature of 20℃, the backlight of LCD is set to the fourth gear. The test results are as follows:

The minimum starting voltage for the original game card is 2V

Use EZ Flash Junior burning green card minimum starting voltage is 2.05 V

(Minimum starting voltage undergoes a change in temperature changes,We recommend to use 1.5 v voltage lithium battery)

  • The built-in power management module of GBC motherboard is very inefficient. We design the power management module of LCD on the ribbon, so we need to weld a power cord to the ribbon and get power from the third pin down from the switch of the motherboard.
  • The original display size of GBC is 43×41mm
    The IPS LCD display size is 49.5 × 44.5mm
    This means you need to cut the display frame of the screen to make it suitable for IPS LCD
  • Built-in 5 display effects:
    Full pixel copy display (display the highest brightness, gorgeous and concise)
    Classic GBC display (perfectly restore the original display effect)
    Classic RGB display (perfectly restore the original display effect, and the pixel gap looks smaller, the brightness will be slightly darker)
    RGB display (closest to the original display, but the brightness is very low)
    Grid line display (close to the display effect of DMG)

Please test the backlight before installing. Backlight kits that show any sign of being installed are not eligible for returns or refunds.