Wall of Shame

Scammers Wall Of Shame

Our business WILL PROSECUTE to the fullest extent of the law anyone using a stolen or fraudulent credit card number to obtain merchandise from us, or attempting fraudulent chargebacks. We will report and cooperate with your local police department in getting you arrested for theft and internet fraud.

We will also make you famous! How? We will list your address and any information we have about you here to warn other merchants about you. You do NOT want to make this list, so don't bother trying to rip us off.

Merchants, if you receive an order to be delivered to the address(s) below, beware, they are thieves that use stolen credit card numbers. 

Do you know any of these addresses or people below? If so, you may contact us via email at support@retrogamerepairshop.com with information. Thieves cost everyone money and cause higher prices. Let's do what we can to help each other out.


Name: Deniz Galeli

415 Howard St

Apt 612
Evanston IL 60202
United States

Phone Number: (442) 777-3476
Email: dgaleli@icloud.com

This customer returned an item, received a full refund for the item, then filed a chargeback for the entire amount of their original order. They received the refund from us, as well as a full refund for the order from the chargeback. Total amount returned to them was more than the total of the original order.


Name: Devon Soberanes

West 73rd Street

Los Angeles CA 90044
United States

Phone Number: (323) 516-9935
Email: devonjsoberanes@gmail.com

This person provided an incorrect at checkout. We issued a refund when the item was returned to sender as they requested. Then the filed a chargeback claim for the total amount of the order. They have now received a double refund totaling more than the cost of their original order.


Name: Chris Mitchell

2658 Racher Drive
Powell OH 43065
United States

Phone number: +16145929968
Email: mitchellschris@gmail.com

This person has multiple chargebacks with us. They were blocked by the fraud prevention system multiple times but then used different information to circumvent the system. They then filed a chargeback for item not received on the new order after they had received it.  


Name: Eric Salander

2794 Sherwood Rd
Columbus OH 43209
United States

Phone Number: 6147059884
Email: stonepebbelsand@gmail.com

This customer filed a chargeback because they believed the item the EZ-Flash units they received from us were fake. After being told by multiple sources, including the manufacturer, that they were authentic units the customer claimed they would close the chargeback but did not. They received a full refund from the chargeback and kept both of the EZ-Flash items, then refused to pay for them when contacted.

Post with response from EZ-Flash: Here

Reddit post they made where they received more confirmation that the product was authentic: Here


Name: Gian Karlo Torres Flores

Address: 495 West Commodore Boulevard
Jackson Township NJ 08527
United States

Phone Number: +18482189093
Email: giankarlotorres2003@gmail.com

This customers parcel went missing, they filed a claim with Route Shipping insurance that they purchased at checkout. They received a free replacement from this claim, they the filed a chargeback with their card company for item not received and received a refund from their card company. 

Name: Sabrina Bruce

1 Polk Street
Unit 801
San Francisco CA 94102
United States

Email: sbruce315@gmail.com

This person filed a chargeback for "product unacceptable". They never responded to any of our emails to help them with whatever issue they had. Received a full refund from the chargeback and kept the items. 


Thinking about stealing from us? We will make you famous and have you prosecuted. Internet fraud goes both ways. If you use a stolen credit card number to buy from us or attempt chargeback fraud, we will tell EVERYONE about it. We will let the police in your local area know, we will advise other online merchants, we will list this information on other fraud prevention websites as well.