Game Boy DMG 2.6" IPS Backlight LCD Kit

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Although the lens looks black in photos, please note that it is actually dark grey. This means it's closer to the original Nintendo color than actual black.

There will be some minor updates to the PCB version. Without further notice.

The speaker will be soldered on before delivery. Because the wire solder joint can easy fall off, we are not responsible for it falling off during transportation or intallation. Please resolder it if that happens.

Product features:

1. IPS LCD screen. A small amount of shell cutting. Easy installation. No soldering is required.

2. Touch to adjust brightness and change color. Short touch is to adjust backlight brightness, long touch is to change color. Only black and white, retro, green, dark yellow, bright yellow five colors can be adjusted.The original contrast knob no longer provides function.

3. Battery life is about 20 hours.

4. The resolution of LCD is 4 times that of the original, and the picture is clearer.

Installation tutorial and precautions:

Do not squeeze the LCD screen. Don't wipe the LCD screen with a wet towel.

Do not wipe the LCD screen with a rough paper towel, it will leave a scratch.

After tearing off the protective film (make sure to test the kit before doing that) of the LCD screen, install the LCD immediately, so that the LCD screen will be perfect.

1. Connect the LCD screen as shown in the figure. First start the LCD screen and test it to determine the connection method of LCD cable.

2. Cut the shell as shown in the figure. Install the matching LCD fixed frame. Install the LCD.

3. Touch control cable must touch the shell.

4. Screw in the screws gently and do not tighten them. Due to the lack of original LCD frame, tightening the screw will squeeze the LCD screen and screw through the shell.