Pokemon DS Save Collection | Gold Pro | All Shiny Pokemon! | 3DS DS

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Unlocked DS Pokemon Save Collection

Preloaded on a

Gold Pro Game Cartridge


For Collectors and Competitive Battlers!

All Shiny Pokémon Preloaded into the PC Storage!

All games work on any 3DS/2DS/DS/DSi Handheld Systems!



Condition: New
All game cartridges are in new condition with little to no cosmetic wear and work perfectly


Game Format: NTSC-U 
(NTSC is for the USA and Canada 3DS/DS systems only.)



This listing is for the Pokemon DS Save Collection preloaded on a Gold Pro Game Cartridge with All Shiny Pokémon and Everything Unlocked.

The games saves included are Pokemon Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black 2, White 2, Black, White, Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond. You will start with 0 badges obtained, so you can start your own adventure.  The PC Storage Boxes are filled with All Shiny Pokémon and All Forms. The Pokémon have the best possible stats and move sets and are perfect for any collector or competitive battler! You won’t be disappointed having this added to your collection!

You will receive:

* x1 Gold Pro Game Cartridge

* Pokemon DS Unlocked Save Collection

* Saves for Black 2, White 2, Black, White, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond.

* All Shiny Pokémon preloaded in the PC Storage

* All Pokémon forms included (Unown, Jellicent, Sawsbuck, etc.)

* Max Cash

* All Items (except for Key Items that are acquired through normal gameplay)

* All Clothing

* All Berries

* Complete Pokedex

* Competitive Stats