GBA Game Boy Advance Drop in No Cut, No Solder IPS Backlight Mod Kit

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All kits are currently the newest version.

V3 PCB = Touch sensor on right, Solder Q2 for MAX brightness. 
V5 PCB = Touch sensor on left. NO need to solder for MAX brightness. 
(Ribbon not compatible with previous versions.) 

Product features:
1. IPS LCD. There is no need for shell cutting and soldering. Easy to install.
2. Deliver 32 pin and 40 pin cables, no matter what version you are. GBASP will be added later.
3. Using ordinary AA batteries, the playtime is about 8 hours. Using different game cartridges, the power consumption will be different
4. 4 pixels to 1 pixel.
5. The size of the 3.0-inch LCD screen is only slightly larger than the original LCD screen. So you can use the original lens

Each set of LCD has been tested before shipment. Test before installation. It is helpful to find out the causes of problems in later installation.

Don't squeeze the LCD screen. Don't wipe the LCD screen with a wet towel. Squeezing the LCD frame and back cover will lead to uneven backlight display, light spot and dark spot.

This drop in kit is made for OEM shells and lenses. Installing in an IPS ready shell will require trimming and an IPS lens will be too large.

Installation tutorial

As shown in the figure, welding the two legs of Q2 can greatly improve the brightness of the LCD screen. It can also be used without welding, but the brightness is relatively low.

GBA console motherboard LCD cable support is divided into 32 pin and 40 pin. There is a model mark under the cable support. Choose the right cable for yourself.

The position design of the first batch of touch dimming cables is a bit crooked. As follows, use scissors to cut off a part, which does not affect the use.

The installation method is as follows, please see the pictures.

Put the double-sided adhesive tape and LCD stop block in place. The LCD limit block is placed on the bottom two sides of the shell.

Then install the LCD and LCD adapter board. The LCD screen should be as far as possible to the right, and the border should touch the two small bumps on the right side of the shell.

Due to the non original shell is not uniform, if the LCD can not top to the right, you can polish the shell slightly.

Please test the backlight before installing. Backlight kits that show any sign of being installed are not eligible for returns or replacements.