Game Boy Pocket 2.6" Original Size IPS Backlight LCD Screen Mod Kit AIO-XL

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Product features:

1) IPS LCD screen. Small amount of shell cutting, simple installation.
2) Touch to adjust brightness and change color. Short touch is to adjust backlight brightness, long touch is to change color. Black and white, retro, green, dark yellow, bright yellow, five color options. The solder joint of the wire is relatively small. If it falls off, you need to solder it yourself.
3) The screen display scale is correct, 4 points to 1 point.
4) The size of the display screen is the same as the original one, and the original lens can be used.

The cable for touch adjustment of LCD brightness and color must touch the shell.

Please test the backlight before installing. Backlight kits that show any sign of being installed are not eligible for returns or refunds.