FunnyPlaying Custom Game Boy Advance Motherboard Replacement

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This mod requires extensive soldering experience! Please do not attempt if you do not have the required experience! The CPU and RAM are not included and must be transferred from an original GBA motherboard. These are just the bare boards and DO NOT WORK without the CPU and RAM!


Built in RGB lighing
New audio amplifier
Separate SEL L R soldering points
Revised power switch
Power circuit compatible with AA batteries and FunnyPlaying rechargeable USB-C Battery
New cartridge slot with gold plated pins


Motherboard LCD connector is 32 pin
Power increased due to new audio amplifier, recommend to use 8 Ohms 1W speaker
Press and hold A+B for four second to change the LED light mode
Press and hold SEL+A/B to change the LED brightness setting
Press and hold STA+A/B to change the LED light color
Press and hold SEL+A+B to enter and exit sleep mode, while in sleep mode the Gameboy Advance is still powered on. Though all other additional peripherals are powered off while in this mode. (Sleep mode works only with original carts, not flash carts)

Product Includes

1x Upgraded Motherboard (No CPU or RAM)

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