FunnyPlaying MidnightTrace GB/GBC Flash Cart v2

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Before flashing, the M2 switch of the dip switch needs to be set to 1, after successfully flashing, adjust the dip switch to the corresponding model of the game rom.

CR1220 battery not included

The gold pin finish is hard good for extended longevity
Close to the original cart Power consumption
MidnightTrace Exposed wiring process
Original GB cart PCB shape
MBC3 with RTC
8mbytes ROM accessible in mbc5 mode 128kbytes FRAM available in MBC5 mode
Coin cell not required to retain save file - only for RTC


The CART is only compatible with MBC 1/3/5 ROMS
CR1220 Coin cell should last at least 4-5 years with games that support it
You will need BurnMaster, GBxCart, other compatible burner to re-write this flash cart.