Game Boy Advance Laminated 720x480 IPS Backlight with OSD - Hispeedido

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This display is not compatible with FunnyPlaying's laminated ready housing!

These shells listed on THIS PAGE are the only ones that will work with this display to be a drop in replacement. As they've been molded to fit this kit, not the FunnyPlaying 3.0 kit!

The product lens does include the Game Boy Advance logo. It has been removed only for the product photos.

The shell includes:

Grey Buttons and screws. The SFC shells comes with it's own multi color button set. No shell comes with a lens as they are designed to fit the Laminated kit from Hispeedido.


1. 720x480 display resolution. HD LCD. 9 pixels to 1 pixel. Integer scaling. No any distortions.
2. Wide View angle up to 178 degree.
3. Laminated display
4. Built-in OSD Menu
5. Retro pixel Effects: Normal, Retro pixels (like original AGS-101 LCDs), Scanlines 1 and Scanlines 2.
6. 15 different brightness levels.
7. 8 color modes.
8. Frame blending
9. Touch Screen to change the brightness and the color modes.
10. Compatible 32pin and 40pin motherboard.

To access the OSD you must solder up the button controls

OSD Menu Operation:

-Press the Select+L+R buttons for 1 second at the same time, then release the buttons to activate the OSD Menu.
-Press the Select button to select the adjustment item when OSD Menu activated.
-Press the L or R button to adjust the item when OSD Menu activated.