FunnyPlaying Game Boy Advance SP Shells

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FunnyPlaying's latest mold offers superior SP shell hardware, providing superior quality compared to competing products.

Modified the upper cover panel screw holes fit more LCD panels
The surface is polished mirror
Unified screws are all cross steps, Not easy to slip


7 x 6MM Phillips screws
10 x 3.8MM Phillips screws
1 x Power LED pipe
1 x Battery cover nut
1 x Battery cover screw(Installed)
2 x LR Button springs
2 x LR Button pegs
1 x Card slot hardware baffle
1 x Nameplate
1 x Screw rubber plug
2 x Shaft cover
1 x Housing


GBA SP buttons are not included

The housing is incompatible with the original screws

Philips 2.0 screwdriver bit is recommended

The shell is mirror polishing, minor scratches will be very easy to detect, we cannot guarantee 100% without scratches. If this is an issue please do not purchase.

This is an aftermarket product and may not feel identical to its genuine counterpart.
Colors may vary from what you see on your display.