Game Boy Color USB-C Charging Kit Pro

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Custom USB-C Charging Kit Pro mod for the Game Boy Color by Giltesa

This mod is not recommended for beginners as it requires quite a bit of soldering and shell modification.

The Game Boy Color USB-C Charging Kit PRO is the new circuit for Nintendo Game Boy Color. This time it is an all in one circuit and includes not only the charging controller but also a boost converter and audio amplifier.

The modern IPS displays with backlights require more energy than the stock display. Also, the flash cards to load tons of games consume the battery very fast. If you really want to enjoy the games, the best way to do it is using a rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries.

However, that is not enough because a higher power consumption is forcing the original electronic to strive more than it can. That may cause noise in the speaker or headphones.

Typical solution has been adding a charging circuit for the battery and a power converter to replace the old and not efficiently one which is included in the GBC. Some people also add an audio amplifier to hear better the speaker sound. All these things make the GBC perfect, however the installation require a lot of cables and can not be easy for some people without enough knowledge.

This board add all these features with a clean installation

Included with this kit:
1 frame board which includes the charging and light board.
1 Battery cable.
1 Cable of 3 wires for connecting the light board.
1 Cable of 1 wire for connecting the board to the sound pad.
1 Light diffuser.

Li-ion battery (This battery has the correct JST connector installed for this mod.)
New speaker
New capacitors
Dremel cutter for USB-C Port (Not required but helpful)
Philips #00 and Tri-wing security screwdriver
Cutters (Many different kinds can be found here)
Soldering iron
Isopropyl alcohol

This board is compatible with the following version boards of GBC:
  • CGB-CPU-01
  • CGB-CPU-02
  • CGB-CPU-03
  • CGB-CPU-04
  • CGB-CPU-05 *
  • CGB-CPU-06 *
* These boards do not have the EM4 electronic component, one of the kit’s pads must be soldered there to detect if there are headphones connected to the audio jack. An alternative pad can be used for it:

PCB color may vary.