InsideGadgets DMG Battery Gauge (v2)

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With this device you can you can monitor your Gameboy DMG's LiPo battery or rechargeable AA batteries with RGB LEDs! It's positioned just below the screen, the mode (AA/LiPo), LED brightness and color are adjustable using the buttons (the color applies to all LEDs).

Soldering is required. You need to supply your own wire. There is a known issue where the LEDs will quickly flash when the system is powered on. Consumes about 5.5mA on the lowest brightness and 15mA on the highest brightness.

How to use:

Press the left or right button to increase or decrease the brightness when on the default LED color (2 red, 3 blue, 3 green).

Change mode
Change between the default LED color and your custom color by holding the left button for 1 second and releasing the button.

Customize the color and changing battery measuring mode AA/LiPo
- Hold the right button for 1 second and release.
- A red LED will appear on the right, you can press the left/right button to adjust the red LED brightness. Hold the right button for 1 second and release to proceed to the next color of green and then blue.
- After blue, either 2 or 4 red LEDs will appear on the left side, they indicate the mode. 2 for AAs and 4 for LiPo. Hold the right button once more and release to go back to normal.


Have the 3 wires go through the middle hole where the capacitor is and use blu-tack or double sided tape on the capacitor/hole to hold it in place. Take care as you will be placing it on the LCD ribbon cable.

Connect 5V to the cartridge header pin 1 (red cable)
Connect GND to the battery negative terminal (blue cable)
Connect BATT to battery positive terminal (white cable)