28 AWG Magnet Wire - Enameled Copper Wire - Enameled Magnet Winding Wire - 4 oz

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28 Gauge Enameled Magnet Wire is made of high quality copper and good coating with enamel. Perfect enameled magnet wire for implementing into your science projects/experiments or personal DIY, used by engineers and hobbyists alike!

Product Details
Size: 4 oz(527 feet)
Color: copper
Diameter: 0.0122 inches(0.31mm)
Tolerance: +/-0.05mm
Item Weight: 1 item for 4 ounces
Gauge: 28AWG
Specification Met: NEMA(NEMA Description: MW-80-C)
Insulation type: Solder able Polyurethane Overcoat
Build: Single Min-Nom
Maximum Resistance At 20℃ Ω/km:222.8

Packaging may appear different than photo but wire specifications are the same.