30mm x 33m High Temperature Resistant Heat Kapton Polyimide Insulating Thermal Insulation Adhesive Tape

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Polymide High Temperature Adheisve Tape (Kapton Tape)

Material: Polymide
High Temperature Resistance: 250/300Deg.C
Thickness: 0.06mm( Tolerance:+0.01mm)
Packing: 33meter/roll
Elongation: 50%
Tensile Strength: >=42N/25mm
Peel Force: >=26N/25mm
Initial Tack: 24#
Voltage Grade: 2500-3000V

1.Used in spray painting, baking paint, box sealing, footwear, packaging and fixing, b-
uilding decoration and other industries.
2.Used for high temperature insulation winding of transformer , motor , coil, capacitor
and frequency conversion power supply in electronic industry.
3.Used for shielding protection of printed circuit board (PCB),SMT tin furnace and w-
ave soldering process.
4.Insulation Protection of Electrical Appliances , Fixing of Positive and Negative Ele-
ctrodes of Lithium Batteries.