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6PCS Precision Tweezers Set

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Premium Quality
Professional grade well made, surgical grade stainless steel.

Wide range of uses
A must have fine multifunctional tweezers kit for removing Electronic parts, Electronics Repair, Craft, Jewelry, Soldering, Laboratory Work, Model Making.

6PCS Precision Tweezers Set
The package includes 6 PCS different tweezers.

Six PCS Includes:
1-PCS. ESD-10 fine tip, straight (110mm)
1-PCS. ESD-11: fine tip, straight (140mm)
1-PCS. ESD-12: fine tip, straight (135mm)
1-PCS. ESD-13: rounded spade tip, straight (115mm)
1-PCS. ESD-14: super fine tip, straight (110mm)
1-PCS. ESD-15: fine tip, angled (120mm)