DIY RGB LED Light Ball Kit Solder and Coding Practice

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 NOTE: This item does not come assembled! This is an advanced project, it requires a lot of time and patience. Pleases follow all instructions closely. Please do not purchase if this is an issue.



This is a WS2812B RGB Gradient LED Sphere DIY Kit. Users can write their own code to display the lighting effect they want. You can use the provided code below if you do not want to write your own.


1. Custom programmable control
2. WS2812B RGB gradient and flashing
3. DIY hand soldering practice


1. Product Name: WS2812B RGB Gradient LED Sphere DIY Kit
2. Work Voltage: DC 3.7V
3. Color: RGB LED
4. Mode: LED gradient/flashes automatically
5. Work Temperature: -20℃~85℃
6. Work Humidity: 5%~95%RH
7. Size (Installed): 73*73*68mm


1. The battery will keep supplying power to the controller. If the switch is turned on, it will supply power to the light.
2. It is recommended to check the charge of the battery.
3. Please charge the battery for 5~10 minutes at first if the light does not turn on when the switch is turned on. It may need to charge several times.
4. Please charge the battery for 2~4 hours if when you turn on the switch some lights do not light up.
5. Please use the downloadable ring template if the one provided is not suitable for you.


1. 1pcs ESP32 Controller
2. 194pcs 5050 WS2812B RGB LED
3. 1pcs 3.7V 1000mAh Polymer Lithium Battery
4. 1pcs Toggle Switch
5. 1pcs 60cm Micro USB Cable
6. 1pcs 0.8mm 8meter Copper Wire
7. 2pcs XH2.54-13P Male Pin
8. 1pcs 30cm Connect Wire
9. 1pcs 3D Printing Holder Mold

Instruction PDF
Ring Template
WS2812B Test Code

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