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Replace your old, broken or cracked LCD screen with this new backlight kit!.

Make your DMG console display have color!!

The advantages of the DMG OSD are as bellow:
1. Built-in 8 color modes, Each 'color mode' can be adjustable. Each color mode can change to 65,536 different colors!
2. The display area is 11% larger than the original.
3. Retro pixel Effect ON/OFF.
4. Image position adjustable. No need to worry about the misalignment of the LCD screen in the installation.
5. Battery level display On/OFF
6. Wide View angle up to 178 degree
7. Easy to install
8. No need to solder excluding the 2 speaker wires.
5. Spin the Knob to adjust the brightness, Press the Knob to change the color modes.

1. backlight LCD.
2. two PCB.
3. two cables.
4. Glass screen lens
5. 3D Bracket free
6. Double-sided tape

Please test the backlight before installing. Returns are not accepted for any backlight that has been installed.