DMG v5 Pro IPS kit

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This new upgraded v5 Pro adds several new features!

The advantage of this DMG kit are listed down below:

1. Built-in OSD Menu
2. Built-in 36 color mode to select from. Each 'color mode' can be adjusted to your liking! Each color mode can changed to 65,536 different color combinations!
3. Same display as the OEM LCD, stock lens and aftermarket lenses of the same size will work
4. Retro pixel Effects: Normal and scanlines
5. FRM On/OFF function(Frame blending On/OFF) is included. For some specific games to avoid issues
6. Image vertical position adjustable
7. 20 brightness levels
8. Battery level display On/OFF
9. Wide View angle up to 178 degrees
10. Easy to install
11. No need solder the kit aside from soldering the speaker in
12. Spin the Knob to adjust the brightness, Press the Knob to change the color modes

Backlight LCD
Button PCB and driver PCB
Two ribbon cables
LCD bracket