Engineer PH-55 Combination Scissors GT Heavy Duty

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PH-55 are versatile compact scissors made in Japan with 3mm-thick stainless steel. The applications are various, Carpet, Leather (4mm), Aluminum sheet, Plastic plate, Rope, Insulated Cable, Cotton Insulated Cord, Copper Wire, Steel Wire, etc. Comes with Anti-slip handles with Finger Pinch Guard and a protective cap. Applicable to professional users, tradesmen, electricians and hobbyists.

  • Cuts many types of materials & objects which you would not be able to cut with ordinary scissors.

  • Flat blade from the top to the middle shear, featuring smooth cutting not only of cloth but also of paper.

  • Micro serrated blade from the middle to the rearmost shear, holding the object without slipping.

  • Wire Cutter independently placed near the handles, good for cutting copper and steel wires.

  • Safety Box Opener on the outside of the cutting blades, convenient to open carton boxes with ease.

  • Finger Pinch Guard for safety - The overlapping guard prevents fingers from being pinched between the handles.

  • Comes with Protective Cap with drain holes.