FunnyPlaying FPGA GBC Motherboard - FPGBC

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Power on with FunnyPlaying's very own FPGA Game Boy!
Simulating real GBC hardware using FPGA. There is no need to buy a backlight kit when purchasing this product.
Supports OEM cartridges, FunnyPlaying Flash Carts, and more!
No soldering required.
Cannot use AA batteries, only compatible with the included rechargeable battery. 
Some SD Flash Carts are not supported currently.
Features USB-C compatibility for easy charging and firmware updates.

Up to x1.25 speed overclock option built in.

Latest firmware versions can be found HERE

Assembly required!
Remove battery terminal from back shell before assembly.
Only compatible with the shells on this page!
Requires windows to update.

The kit includes:

FPGBC Motherboard
1800 mAh Battery 
Laminated LCD w. Adapter ribbon
2W Speaker

The following components will need to be purchased separately:

FunnyPlaying USB-C Shell (Comes with IR shield)
GBC buttons
GBC membranes 

Important Notice:

Please be advised that updating this device involves certain challenges that are currently being addressed by FunnyPlaying. At present, updating the device is not supported on Mac systems, and the process may encounter varying degrees of success on Windows platforms.

We would like to assure you that while the device cannot be permanently damaged ("bricked") during the update process, there is a possibility of it entering a temporarily non-operational state. This may require multiple attempts to restore functionality following an unsuccessful update.

For detailed instructions and a supplementary video guide, we encourage you to visit Makhos' GitHub repository.

We strongly recommend that updates be performed only if necessary and by individuals who are prepared for and capable of troubleshooting potential issues related to the process.

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.