Game Boy 2MB, 32KB FRAM MBC3 with RTC Flash Cartridge by HDR

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This custom flash cart was designed for us by HDR!

Comes with Game Boy console test ROM loaded. Load your own game onto the cart using InsideGadgets GBxCart RW v1.4 Pro

You can build your own regular version of HDR's cart by visiting his GitHub page here:

Game Boy FRAM RTC Flash Cartridge


2 Megabyte re-programmable flash for ROM storage
32 Kilobyte non-volatile RAM (FRAM)
MBC3 chip with Real Time Clock Function.
Game will still save without the battery. No risk of lost save data.
CR2032 battery clip (no soldering required to change battery)
Compatible with all Gameboy peripherals (Transfer Pak, GameShark, etc.)
Playable on all Gameboy hardware (DMG, GBP, GBC, GBA, Super Gameboy, Gameboy Player, etc.)
Supports RTC and non-RTC titles.
Plays ROM hacks and homebrew titles.