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720P HDMI-Compatible GBA LCD Kit For Gameboy Advance TFT Backlight

The console is not included.

Only LCD Modification Kit with HDMI-Compatible TV function

You need to cut the housing shell to put in the IPS LCD.

Uses the upper screen of NDSi , 240*160 display, the same display area size as the original GBA screen.

The same display effect as AGS-101, No ghosting, Better colors and brighter backlight.
720P HDMI-Compatible Output, Support playing the GBA games on TV.
2 HDMI image aspect
Built-in 8 image color modes
Touch to adjust Brightness
Touch to adjust Color

1. Backlight TFT LCD.
2. 1x PCB.
3. 1x converter cable.
4. 2x flex cable.
5. wires.