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FunnyPlaying Game Boy Advance Laminated ITA Kit

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Laminated panel, No dust , More realistic display effect.

Use the lower screen of DSI to transfer, 240*160 display, the display size is the same as the original panel

At the lowest brightness, the kit power consumption is 0.15w

It has the same display effect as AGS-101, without ghosting, better colors and brighter backlight.

It has a memory brightness function and can adjust the partial display window.

Add touch to adjust brightness

Perfect support for NES game display

Installation instructions


40pin motherboard needs to remove C54 capacitor.

If you adjust the display window, you need to weld the select L R button

The left and right viewing angles are almost visible, The following perspective is general

Laminate panel is supported by motherboard, It is normal that water ripples will appear around the pressing panel