Game Boy Color 2.6 IPS Backlight LCD Kit

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Glass Lenses for this kit can be found here.

Product features:

2.6-inch IPS LCD is larger than the original 2.45-inch LCD. Installation without welding, a small amount of shell cutting, simple installation.

Pixel points are 4 points to 1 point. Because the screen itself has large pixel points and has its own sense of granularity, the display screen is close to the original GBASP AGS-101screen, and the large screen is clearer.

Low power consumption

Touch control, 5 segments to adjust brightness.

The black lens is actually dark gray. Close to the original Nintendo color. Because we used to call it black. And the color is very close to black. There is color difference in taking photos. It looks like black.

Please carefully read the following precautions and installation methods before installation. The installation steps are really very simple.

Install self provided tools: Y-shaped 3.0 screwdriver, cross 3.0 screwdriver, sharp art knife and top cutting pliers.

The LCD screen was carefully tested before delivery. Before installation, please turn on the GBC motherboard as follows to check whether it is normal.