Game Boy Color 2.6" IPS High Brightness Backlight LCD Kit

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Please be careful when connecting the flat cable. If the flat cable is inserted reversely, it will burn out the console's fuse! See images for information.

High brightness display, twice as bright as the older model. Display colors are brighter.

Product features:

1. 2.6-inch IPS LCD is larger than the original 2.45-inch LCD. A small amount of shell cutting is required, simple installation.

2. Support point-to-point display. Support black and white style display. High brightness display. Long press the touch sensing cable for 3 seconds to switch the display style. Briefly press to adjust the brightness.

3. Low power consumption, with millet 1800 Ma rechargeable battery, the highest brightness of the screen, edgb burning card, and normal game time of about 8 hours

4. Support brightness adjustment memory and display style memory, and there is no need to reset when starting up.

The installation process is mainly shell cutting. The installation of the LCD screen is very simple.

Cut off the red areas of the OEM shell shown in our instruction images. If you are using a 2.6-inch IPS GBC shell, you can skip this part as no cutting is necessary.