Game Boy Color OLED Backlight Kit with Touch Screen - Hispeedido

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This kit will fit in FunnyPlaying Laminated Shells.

AMOLED Screen. High Definition LCD. 16 pixels to 1 pixel. Integer scaling. No distortions.
Equipped with touch function.
Laminated LCD. Easy installing!
Built-in OSD Menu
Built-in 4 Retro Pixel effects.
Built-in 32 Logo Color.
FRM On/OFF function (Frame blending On/OFF) is included. For some games, the image effect will be better when FRM turned on. For most games, no need to turn on FRM Function. The default FRM is OFF.
10 brightness levels.
8 color modes.
Image position adjustable.
Only one wire needs to be soldered to supply power.
Note: There is LOGO on the glass screen lens.
Touch the screen for 5 seconds to activate the OSD menu.
Slide your finger on the screen to page up or down.
Touch the triangle icon to adjust the values.

1x PCB.
1x flex cable
1x wire