Game Boy Color Q5 Laminated with Desaturation Mode

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Note: There is LOGO on the glass screen lens. And the logo can be changed to different color in the OSD menu.

New features:

Added touch sensors to operate the OSD menu without the need for soldering.
Added desaturation color settings to closer match the original color of GBC games.
Added FRM On/OFF function. (Frame blending On/OFF)


1. Built-in OSD Menu
2. 20 different levels of adjustable brightness
3. Saturation adjustment
4. Built-in 31 Logo Colors
5. Built-in 5 Pixel filters
6. Touch Shortcut ON/OFF
7. Image position adjustable. No need to worry about the misalignment of the LCD screen in the installation.
8. Battery level display On/OFF (Must be soldered)
9. FRM On/OFF function.
10. 8 color modes.
11. 'Color Adjust' setting. Note: 'Color adjust' is not adjustable in normal color mode.