Game Boy DMG 2.6" High Brightness LCD kit

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Product Features

2.6 inch IPS LCD, some trimming required
Support for custom color palettes
Accurate battery level display bar
Pixel grid display
Support to save up to 7 custom color palettes

Adjustment dial features

Press the wheel in for 1 second to display the battery level bar. Press in for 3 seconds to bring up the saved color palettes, move up and down to select, and press in again to confirm.
Press in for more than 5 seconds until the custom menu pops up. Move up and down to select, and press in to confirm.
Toggle up or down to adjust the LCD brightness.100 level brightness adjustment, with mild brightness change. Long press, the backlight will change significantly.
Toggle the wheel upward and turn on the console to restore factory settings

Color Palettes
Game color 0 is the background color, game colors 1 and 2 are the main colors of the pattern, and game color 3 is the font color and image stroke.

0 recommended setting R63 G63 B50, 3 recommended setting R0 G0 B0.

Example color palettes:

0 R63 G63 B50
1 R47 G47 B47
2 R31 G31 B31
3 R0 G0 B0