Game Boy DMG RIPS V5 IPS Backlight TV Version AV Out Consolizer with Color Palettes Mod Kit - Hispeedido

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DMG RIPS V5 with TV out support.

Upgraded color modules from 8 to 36
OSD functionality

1) Built-in 36 color module, Each 'color module' can be adjustable. Each color
module can be changed to 65,536 different colors!
2) Same screen display area (Original screen lenses work)
3) Battery level display on/off
4) Wide viewing angle up to 178 degrees
5) Supports TV Out
6) No need to solder excluding the 2 speaker wires
7) Spin the Knob to adjust the brightness, Press the Knob to change the color modes.

1. Backlight LCD.
2. Two PCB.
3. Two cables.
4. 3D Bracket.
5. Double-sided tape.