Game Boy Pocket USB-C Battery Mod

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This Game Boy Pocket USB-C Charging Kit is the same as the Game Boy Color board but customized for Game Boy Pocket.

Because the Nintendo main board has less space, it has required a special board which include 3 boards:

Main board: Include the electronic components for charging and controller the battery over-discharge.
USB board: It is just the USB.
LED board: include 3 lights which are: White when GBP is power on, red when is charging and green when it has finished to charge. This board has been modified to support the GBP without status LED, you can get this functionality and replace your GBP case for another with LED hole.

This kit includes:

1 board which includes the charging, USB-C, and light board.
1 Battery cable.
1 Cable of 3 wires for connecting the light board.
1 Light diffuser

Does not include LiPo battery! For the best fit with minimal cutting of the shell we recommend the 102045 cell that can be found here.

The 102050 can also be used but requires more housing modification. The 102050 can be found here.

Installation instructions can be found here: