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Touch Version Backlight LCD Screen For SEGA Game Gear Highlight Brightness LCD Kits For SEGA GG Console

1. 3.5-inch a-Si TFT LCD liquid crystal screen, 320*240 resolution, point-to-point full-screen display, high refresh rate, bright colors

2. Supports Sega single chip motherboard and dual chip motherboard:

--Single chip motherboard:1 ASIC PCB revisions 837-9130 / 837-9024 / 837- 8560

--Dual chip motherboard:2 ASIC PCB revisions 837-7996 / 837-7719-01 VA0/837-7398-03

NOTE1: Doesn't supported: Majesco Game Gear VA4 / VA5
NOTE2: The motherboard with the "MADE IN TAIWAN" logo on the motherboard of the game console does not support.

NOTE: Some SEGA housings have a metallic coating on the inside. The metallic coating on the plastic is conductive. It causes the color modes/Aspect modes to cycle automatically. Please scrape off the metallic coating and put the touch sensor directly on the plastic.

Technical Information:

1. One chip design. More environmentally friendly. More power-saving.
2. Built-in SDRAM cache in the Chip.
3. FPC connect cable design. Simpler wiring and easier installation.
4. Adjust brightness via the thumbwheel.
5. 8 color modes. 3 Image Aspect Ratio. Scanline.
6. 3 Image Aspect Ratio. Small, Normal, Enlarge. Note: the 'Enlarge Aspect Ratio' not full screen.
7. Support VGA output. (Doesn't include the VGA connector)

Press 'START+1+2' to turn VGA output on or off.

Touch the 'left touchpad' to change the color modes.

Touch and hold the 'left touchpad' 3 seconds to turn 'scan line' on or off.

Touch and hold the 'right touchpad' and 'left touchpad' 3 seconds to change the image aspect.

Package includes:
Backlight LCD
1x PCB
1x FPC connector cables
Double-sided tape
Red wires
Note: Doesn't include the VGA connector!