GBA 32MB, 1Mbit Flash Save with RTC, Flash Cart (Works with PKMN games)

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This re-programmable Flash Cartridge allows you to play GBA games that support the 1Mbit flash saves such as all of the PKMN games - Ruby, Emerald, Fire Red, etc, should work with hacks too and now has RTC support! Comes in blue cartridge shell. Designed and made in Australia.

Check the list of games InsideGadgets have tested below and any game without saves will work. Also check below on how to determine if your game's RTC will work properly. You will need GBxCart RW to re-write this flash cart. New PCB comes with CR2025 battery.

Why did InsideGadgets make this cart when you can pick up an EZ-Flash instead? A few users requested it! Since it's just a regular cart, you'll boot straight into the game and you can power off your system right after saving.

This cart should work on every system that supports GBA carts - GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, DS, DS Lite and the Game Boy Player. This cart uses 5-10mA more compared to a regular cart. If you would like InsideGadgets to test a game, check the Game saves tested list below.

Comes in a generic GBA cartridge (Blue) with no label. The board won't fit in a genuine cartridge. Each unit is assembled in house and is tested on a Gameboy Advance.

Battery: CR2025 (should last 7-10 years)

The PCB finish is ENIG, Gold fingers (on the edge connector) to give the maximum life for insertion/removal of the cartridge.

How to test if RTC will work:
Open the ROM file in VBA v1.7.2, use the space bar to fast forward the game until you get to set the clock. Keep holding down the space bar for 10 seconds, if the clock hasn't advanced that means it will work in this cartridge as the ROM hasn't been patched.

Saving in these games have been tested to work:

F-Zero - Climax (Jpn)
PKMN Fire Red, Leaf Green, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire (all should work with Pal Park)
PKMN hacks - Gaia, Radical Red, Unbound v1.1.2, Crystal Advance (2021-01-08)
PKMN Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team
Super Mario Advance 4 - Super Mario Bros.
MegaMan Battle Network 4.5 with the ENG Patch (CRC32: 0A7D0372)

RTC in these games have been tested to work:

PKMN Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
PKMN hacks - Unbound v1.1.2, Crystal Advance (2021-01-08)
MegaMan Battle Network 4.5 with the ENG Patch (CRC32: 0A7D0372)

RTC in these hacks don't work:

Adventure-red-chapter-b15-exp-fix-c (also the game is too large to fit)

If your game isn't here, send a quick email to with the ROM file and ask them to test it.