GameCube USB-C PD Mod Kit GC_PD by HDR

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Addon board for the Gamecube that allows using USB PD power adapters instead of the stock game cube power adapter

Requires a PD Adapter capable of supplying 12v @ 3A, Not all PD adapters support this please check that yours does before making a purchase

Suggested PD Bricks:
- UGreen bricks at or above 45W:
    - North America
    - Europe
    - United Kingdom

Incompatible PD Bricks:
 - Nintendo Switch Power Brick (No 12V PD support)
 - Anker Power Bricks (No 12V PD support)

Included items:
Assembled GC_PD board (ENIG Finish) with printed parts

Things of note:
The power switch will be inverted (it sits a little lower when off) and will have less travel