Sega Game Gear 9v USB Cable 5.5mm UK/Europe & Japan

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Game Gear USB cable made by Lab fifteen.

The Sega Game Gear is a beast of a console, often over looked...

One of the biggest thing was the fact it used to shred through batteries like a fat kid with a bag of Hario, With 6 AA batteries it was also very expensive as a kid to constantly ask you parents for another pack.

Well fast forward 30 years and the solution is finally here!!!! USB POWERRRRRR

What does this cable do it Boosts 5v to 9v to power the console safely, that means you can use your game gear with ANY 5v USB 2.1amp plug. Also can be used with USB 2.0 plugs inside computers and power banks.

There are 2 types of power board for the console. UK/Europe & japan - USA & North America please make sure you buy the right one for your needs.


UK/Europe & Japan

5v to 9v 700ma boost
USB 2.0
1.2m cable length
Correct centre negative polarity
Right angle Male 5.5mm plug to tidy things up