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MINIWARE MHP30M Mini Hot Plate Soldering Preheating Station Preheater Multi Intelligent Modes with Built-in OLED Display 60W 30X30mm + Power Supply

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Ultra Mini Size: MHP30 has a small frame and ultra compact footprint, with a square tower shape and a total height of only 5.2cm (2 inches).

Easy to Read and Reliable: The controller is equipped with an OLED display and two physical buttons (on the back). A pair of support feet at the bottom can be spread out to better support the whole station.

High Efficiency: MHP30 Preheating Station has excellent thermal performance. When using a 65W PD power supply, it only takes 150 seconds to heat from 26°C room temperature to 300°C.

Multi smart modes: Preset temperature, tilt heating, power wake-up, automatic sleep, and firmware upgrade.

Applications: Portable for use on the workbench or out in the field; preheating, desoldering circuit boards, components, LED beads, etc.