MiniWare MHP50-B5

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5cm*5cm heating area, 3.7cm height, mini pocket size, suitable for mobile soldering application scenarios;

Brass plated with nano-ceramic coating,the same material as MHP30, special processed and easy to clean;

Separable controller and hot plate, flexible to replace;

Built-in high-speed cooling fan, which can automatically detect the temperature of the controller, intelligently adjust the fan speed, and accelerate heat dissipation;

Innovative air deflector to effectively cut off heat transferring, protecting controller from thermal damage;

Innovative heating curve function, you can customize the heating temperature and duration by sections to achieve similar reflow soldering effect;

160*80 resolution color LCD display, clear and rich parameter display;

Built-in OLED display and true color LED, light color changes with heating temperature;

Dual-mode power inputs: DC 5525 power jack for 19-24V input up to 150W; standard PD 20V power input to reach 100W;

Takes only 150 seconds at the fastest heating from room temperature (28℃) to 300℃ (under DC 24V power input);

MHP50 also has smart modes such as preset temperature, overturn protection, brightness adjustment and automatic sleep.