MiniWare MTweezer

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Made by 304 high strengths stainless steel and created by 36 manufacturing process, this tweezer set is durable, wear resistant and useful for any precise work;

Compared with other tweezers, the shape of TE01 & TE01 is unique in the market;

The tip of TE01 is very sharp that can help you hold even the cylindrical electronic parts easily;

In contrast, the TC01 tweezer's tip is thick enough for holding electronics parts tightly;

Designed base on ergonomics, give you an extraordinary hands feel, even a long time electronic project, your hands won't feel tired;

Non-Slip grooves on the holder provide you the best stability;

Come with a tiny leather package fits inside any pocket so it's always ready when you need it;

MTweezer Set is particularly suitable for craft, circuit die, electronic package assembly, PCB repair and jewelry work.