MiniWare TS100 Digital OLED Programable Interface BC2 KU Two Tips Soldering Iron DC5525

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A portable soldering iron that works better than most tabletop units. The Miniware TS100 Soldering Iron is essential for any flight bag or as an everyday tool. Features precise temperature controls, comfortable to hold, lightning-quick to reach set temperature, and is completely programmable.


TS100 smart electric soldering iron with 304 Stainless steel nested polycarbonate housing and OLED screen on the handle easy to read the parameter
Embedded STM32 processor chip enables you to update the firmware or parameter setting via computer
Large temperature range (100-400 celsius degree)
Internal Heating design with dual temperature sensor and acceleration allow iron to reach set temperature in only a few seconds
12V-24 working voltage with DC5.5*2.5 power port can be powered by lithium battery directly
Compact size with pen shape design easy to handle and carry

Power: 40-65W
Input Voltage: DC12-24V
Power Supply Port: DC5.5*2.5mm
Temperature Adjustable Range: 100℃-400℃/212℉ -752℉
Temperature Stability Range: ±2%
Working Temperature: 300℃/572℉(default)
Dormancy Temperature: 200℃/392℉(default)
Overall Length: 168mm/6.61inch(after tip installed)
1x Miniware TS100 Mini Portable Soldering Iron
1x BC2 Tip
1x KU Tip
1x Manual
1x Allen Key

Note: The TS100 does not include a power supply or cable. A 2.5mm barrel plug will be needed to power the unit (12-24v input). These can be found on eBay or Amazon