MiniWare TS1C Soldering Iron

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Designed and developed by e-Design, MiniWare Cordless Soldering Station TS1C is the first new energy storage intelligent desktop soldering tool based on BLE4.2 Bluetooth communication.

Includes two parts: a control station and a soldering pen. The control station connects with the soldering pen via Bluetooth wireless pairing and communication, and realizes complex remote control such as standby preheating, temperature adjustment, menu setting, and viewing information and status, while working as a stand and charging station for the soldering pen.

The control station features 128*64 pixel OLED screen to display the soldering pen status in real time.

The rear of the station is equipped with a USB Type-C interface for standard PD2 20V, maximum 45W power input and firmware upgrade. In addition, there are 3 expansion slots at the bottom of the station, which can be used to install different accessories like sponge slot or change accessory position, offering more functional usage.

The top of the pen adopts a USB Type-C interface for firmware upgrade (under the stainless steel decorative piece), which can be used for power input in emergency cases; the pen has a built-in high-efficiency energy storage supercapacitor, with 36W maximum heating power, it can continuously solder more than 180 solder joints (0805) under a single full charge.