MiniWare TS80P More Set Kit Smart Portable Digital Soldering Iron & TYPE C Plug

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TS80P is the upgrade version of TS80 Smart Soldering Iron. TS80P is a smart soldering iron powered by USB Type-C PD2.0/QC3.0 standard input, which can be powered by charging plugs, power banks and mobile power supplies that comply with PD2.0 (12V 3A)/QC3.0 (9V 2A) standard. Its output power has been increased from 18W to 30W max, with an 8-second heating time at fastest from room temperature to 300℃, meeting a wider range of soldering.

TS80P controller is made of aluminum alloy through CNC into a compact structure and high-tech design, ergonomic, beautiful and fashionable. The controller is also equipped with an OLED screen, so that you can monitor the status of the soldering iron at any time. Moreover, it features a brand new easy-push tip fastener, which provides a best holding experience and an easy push to loosen the soldering tip for quick replacement. With a built-in STM32 chip, TS80P can smartly control the rise and fall of tip temperature, and features sleep, automatic power-off, safety protection and other modes. The code application layer is open source; you can develop firmware for the soldering iron freely as needed.

TS80P shares the same tips with TS80. The soldering tip has an internal thermal ceramic heating core, and through the pure copper heat conduction, it can quickly transfer heat to the tip of soldering tip, achieving an excellent temperature control performance.


Ø OLED screen, full body CNC aluminum alloy casing

Ø USB Type-C PD2.0/QC3.0 standard input

Ø Power increased from 18W to 30W max

Ø Only 8s to heat from room temperature to 300℃

Ø Brand new easy-push tip fastener, one push to loosen tips

Ø Builtin smart chip for Port Protection

Ø Share same tips with TS80


● Temperature Range: 100℃ - 400℃ (Max)

● Input: 9V/2A (QC 3.0) / 12V 3A(PD2.0)

● Power: 30W Max

● Fastest heating time (from room temperature to 300℃): 8s

● Data/Power Interface: USB Type-C

● Temperature stability: ±3%

● Display: OLED

● Length: controller: 96mm; tip: 100mm(60+40mm)

● Weight: 38g Tip: 14g (B02 tip)

● Certifications: CE, FCC, PSE

Package :

TS80P Controller*1

Soldering Tip(B02)*1

PD(2.0) Power Plug(US)*1

Ground Wire*1

Type-C to C Silicone Cable*1

Hex Key*1