N64 HDMI-Compatible Mod Kit

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Don't leave the console powered on for more than 1 minute when the heatsink is not installed.
Requires good soldering skills to solder the FFC. This kit also requires modifying the shell to fit a mini HDMI port.
Do not use excess amounts of solder to solder on the FFC.

This N64-HDMI Mod kit is compatible with all N64 models/regions, with the exception of the PKMN #0025 model.

This N64-HDMI kit is a digital to digital HDMI output upgraded for the Nintendo 64.

720P HDMI-Compatible Output.

Built-in OSD Menu.

Built in 3 TV Aspect Ratio.

8 color modes.

Package Includes:

1x PCB board
1x Ribbon cable
1x Mini HDMI adapter