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Neo Geo Pocket Color OSD Q5 IPS Backlight Mod kit

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1. Built-in OSD Menu!
2. The display area is 5% larger than the original.
3. Retro pixel Effect ON/OFF.
4. Image position adjustable. No need to worry about the misalignment of the LCD screen in the installation.
5. Battery level display On/OFF
6. Wide View angle up to 178 degree
7. You need to solder 3 wires to control the OSD Menu and one wire for the battery.

Please make sure you apply the glass lens all the way to the right for proper alignment.

This LCD kit doesn't fit NGPC Slim.
The NGPC Slim backlight LCD will arrive next month.

1. Backlight LCD
2. 1x PCB
3. 1x cable
4. Glass screen lens
5. Double-sided tape
6. 3 x wires