NGC Game Upgrade XENO Chip + SD2SP2 Card Adapter

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SD2SP2 Adapter + XENO-GC Chip + Swiss Boot Disc Mini DVD


- Load Gamecube games from an SD/Micro SD card

- Load other homebrew software (Gameboy Interface, GC Memory Manager, emulators, and more)

- Force video settings

- Load game cheats

Package Includes:

1* SD2SP2 Adapter

1* Swiss Boot Disc

1* Xeno-gc chip


The XenoGC is a drivechip for the Nintendo GameCube. It is installed directly to the optical drive's logic board and injects patch code into the drive at run time. This enables the execution of debug commands and reading of DVD+/-R/RW media. You can boot all import games, backups of games, also you can boot original and backup copies of multi disc games (with the versions we sell).

Direct boot of DVD+-RW media

Compatible with all regions & all versions

Region free loading

Multigame disc support

Wireless install

No need to remove mainboard

PAL/NTSC region force

Installation control LEDs

Switchable read setting adjustment /error retry

Switchable audio fix

Selfbooting homebrew discs

Mode setting:

1.Disable audio fix - Press left shoulder button during disc load.

2.Disable DRE fix - Press right shoulder button during disc load.

3.Force NTSC display mode - Press X button during disc load.

4.Force PAL display mode - Press Y button during disc load.

5.XenoGC Shell (multigame disc loader) - Press START button during disc load.

Status LEDs:
The XenoGC features two status LEDs to indicate correct function. The red LED is active when the drive resets and the modchip is doing its job. Once the drive has been patched successfully, the orange LED will illuminate. If only the red LED illuminates, check your installation.