3DS USB-C Mod Kit

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The Nintendo 3DS: USB-C Kit is a board that allows to replace the original charging connector for a modern and standard USB-C.

If your original connector is too old or damaged and you need a new one, or if you would like to charge your Nintendo 3DS with a standard USB-C charger, like the charger of your Nintendo Switch, phone, laptop, you can with this kit.

This board is compatible with these four models:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS XL
Nintendo New 3DS
Nintendo New 3DS XL

The kit also includes a plastic piece which can holder the dock metal contacts from the original connector, that means you will be able to charge it by USB-C but also with the charging dock.


High quality castellated holes/pads (since v1.2)
Plastic holder made by resin 3D printer for charging dock compatibility.
Charging your Nintendo with:
USB power banks
USB-A chargers
USB-C chargers
USB-C PD chargers (normal speed, not fast)
USB-A to USB-C cables
USB-C to USB-C cables


The board should be compatible with the 4 Nintendo 3DS models: 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS & New 3DS XL. Because they use almost the same connector with the difference of the old models are a SMT connector and the new models are THT connector (differences here).

However, it has fully tested only on a Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo New 3DS XL.


1 board.
4 plastic parts:
Tool to centre the board during the installation. (random color)
Pads holder for dock charging. (random color)
Cap to cover the hole in OLD 3DS (grey color)
Cap to cover the hole in NEW 3DS (black color)


Dock metal contacts, from the original connector (optional)
Tri-wing and Phillips screwdriver
File tool set
Kapton tape
Soldering iron
Desoldering pump
Desoldering mesh
Isopropyl alcohol
Instant glue (Loctite, Super Glue)


Installation guide PDF
GitHub repository