Nintendo Game Boy Pocket TFT Backlight Mod Kit with Color Palettes

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GBP Nintendo Game Boy Pocket Backlight Backlit LCD Screen Mod Kit This listing is for one GBP backlight mod kit with screen lens and spacers. This kit will allow you to replace your original lcd with a backlit lcd. This backlit lcd has 5 levels of brightness. This mod kit is very easy to install. You will need to solder (Shown in the pictures) You do not need to trim the shell at all. Maximum brightness is the same as a GBA SP AGS 101 lcd on level 1 brightness. You will still need a GBP motherboard to complete this mod. Please follow pictures on the listing for help with installation *THIS LISTING DOES NOT INCLUDE A FULL SYSTEM! IT IS JUST FOR THE MOD KIT!*


Please test the backlight before installing. Returns are not accepted for any backlight that has been installed.