Nintendo Switch Joy-Con OEM White Shells

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Read Before Purchasing:
This is an original Nintendo Joy-Con housing shell. Controller is not included.
Requires customers to take apart the Joy-Con to replace the original Joy-Con shells and buttons. Customer is required to have moderate electronics experience.

Installation Tips:
Installation difficulty: High
Time spent: 3 hours or more
Patience needed: High
Go slow. Check every connection. Keep your screws organized.
Watch a YouTube video on how to do it though, pausing and replaying often.
When you are reassembling the Joy-cons you must be conscious of how tight you are tightening the screws as that will affect how your buttons press.
When removing the Joy-con outer screws make sure you are using a Tri-point screwdriver. Be careful not to strip the 4 outer tri-point screws or over tighten any screws.
There are multiple very delicate ribbon cables that need to be removed and reattached.
Use tweezers instead of fingers at all times to help with the little pieces that you'll move to the new shell.
Note that the ZR and ZL on the Joy-Cons are spring loaded so be careful when opening.

Packing Includes

1x Back Shell
1x Left Joycon housing with middle tray
1x Right Joycon hosing with middle tray
2 Pairs of SL SR Button