Nintendo Switch OEM Back Plate Fortnite

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Read Before Purchasing:
This is an original Nintendo Back Plate housing. Console is not included.
Requires customers to take apart the Switch back plate of their console. Basic understanding of how the console is put together.

Installation Tips:
Installation difficulty: Moderate
Time spent: 15 minutes
Patience needed: Some

Before proceeding please power off the console!

Go slow. Keep your screws organized.
Watch a Youtube video on how to remove the back housing from the console, pausing after every step to ensure you are preforming the actions correctly.
When you are reassembling, keep track of which screws go where as installing the incorrect screw in different locations can damage the housing and the Switch.
When removing the housing outer screws make sure you are using a Y00 screwdriver to remove the four 6.3 mm-long screws securing the rear panel.
Use a JIS 000 driver to remove the remaining screws that secure the housing in place, don't forget to remove the screw under the kickstand!
Once everything is removed lift up from the bottom of the console to remove the housing or as shown in the Youtube video you're following along with.

Packing Includes

1x Back Plate Housing