NZ-12G / NZ-13G ESD-safe Micro Flush Cutter

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Full flush & super-fine cutting blades
Ideal to cut an IC lead of a narrow-pitch QFP or SOP with a very sharp and slender shears (0.6mm width at the point)

Flush cut of leads, prevents resist stripping or solder crack on a circuit board

ESD-safe handles made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) for a comfort grip

The blades are designed to parallel the level of handles, unlike diagonal nippers, which helps users to reduce stress in work.

NZ-12G with normal blades and NZ-13G with reversed blades

NZ-12 Normal Blade:
Owing to unique structure of parallel handles, you can hold shears horizontally without raising up your elbow uncomfortably.

NZ-13 Reverse Blade:
Reverse blade makes it possible to cut IC lead in front of user with the best view while holding nippers vertically against circuit board.

Light weight of 45g only