Replacement LCD and HDMI Out Kit for the Atari LYNX 2 - Hispeedido

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HD 3.5 Inches 640x480 Retro Pixel 720P HDMI-Compatible HD IPS High Backlight LCD Screen Kit For for Atari LYNX Ⅱ


640x480 display resolution. HD LCD. 16 pixels to 1 pixel. Integer scaling
Same display size as the original screen.
Wide viewing angles
Built-in OSD Menu
Retro pixel Effects: Normal, pixels, Scanline 1 and 2.
15 different brightness levels
8 color modes.
HDMI out
3 Built in TV aspect ratios
FPC connect cable design. Simpler wiring and easier installation.

OSD Menu Functions:

-Press the Option2+A+B buttons for 1 second to activate the OSD Menu.
-Press the Option2 button to select the adjustment item when OSD Menu activated.
-Press the A or B button to adjust the item when OSD Menu activated.

Packing includes :

1x Adapter pcb
1x Double-sided tape