Game Boy Advance SP Slate Shell

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  3D images for illustrational purposes only! Color shades/tints may vary slightly.

Laminated Slate shell by Makho

Laminated backlight kit for this shell can be found here.

Works with RetroCNC's new aluminum SP buttons!

This shell is made from CNC machined aluminum. Some tool paths and other work markings may be visible due to this process. Please do not purchase this item if this is an issue.

Brass stonewashing effects may vary. Stonewashed Slates are not coated and will form a patina over time.

Kit includes:

CNC Anodized aluminum face plate
CNC Anodized aluminum back plate
LED Pipe
Screw set
Metal dowel for shoulder buttons

Required items:

GBA SP donor console
Laminated backlight kit for this shell here.
Custom Slate lens
Any bottom half of a SP shell
Any regular SP buttons

If you would like to order a non laminated Slate lens now, currently they are only available by UV printing. Please check here for the instructions on how to order them.

Colors are only an estimate and may not exactly resemble the final product.